Bonding Moment Creators specializes in trousseau packing service in Delhi. The term ‘trousseau’ originates from a French word that means ‘bundle’. Indian wedding trousseau includes buddle of give-away articles that the new couple would need as part of their life together like jewellery, clothing, accessories, bed, bed linens, lingerie, makeup and even bath towels. Bonding Moment Creators provide designer and thematic packing for all the wedding gifts as per need, occasion and budget.

Our wedding packing service comprises saree packing for bride and family, suit packing for the groom and family, decorative tray packing, gourmet hampers, fancy gift packing, cosmetic packing, bath set decorative gifts, floral decorative gifts and many more. Whether it’s about engagement ceremony or wedding return favors, gourmet packing, shagun envelops or box cards, our designers ensure that the every gift packed is personalised to showcase your taste and brings out the fun & festivities of the occasion. We don’t just impart great visual impact, but also safeguard your heirloom sarees, jewellery and attire by carefully and creatively packing gifts. A seamless and streamlined concept is prepared by the professional team to give you smart gift solutions that are aesthetic as well as viable. Premium quality gift wraps, ribbons, laces, handmade paper, wooden boxes and trays are used in packing to make your trousseau transform into lifelong memories.

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